Service and Administrative Experience

Although my full administrative and departmental service activities are listed on my CV, I have added more detailed descriptions of some of my experiences below.

Graduate Assistant to the Literature Program (Florida State University):

I worked as the Graduate Assistant to the Literature Program and Program Director from 2012 through May of 2014. As program assistant, I oversaw a wide variety of administrative activities, designed promotional and outreach events (such as an annual “Take Your Friend to Class Day” designed to increase undergraduate enrollments in the department), created documents for the department and program director (including promotional materials, department data, and website content such as graduate student profiles and an alumni bookshelf), and helped run department events ranging from bringing in visiting editors to talk to students and faculty about manuscript materials, organizing themed colloquiums, and assisting with panels centered on teaching a variety of different topics. A link to the department’s Colloquium Archive can be found here, and a list of recent department events can be found here.

I also assisted with curriculum development, serving as co-editor (with Scott Ortolano) of Perspectives on the Short Story, an anthology published by Pearson in 2012 (revised in 2014) which is now the standard text for Florida State’s introduction to short fiction course. A link to the anthology can be found here. In addition to editing the anthology, I developed course materials, assisted with instructor training, and test-taught the course (Summer 2013). The anthology was updated and expanded in 2014.

President of the American Literature Reading Group (Florida State University):

The American Literature Reading Group is a for-credit course offered to graduate students in the English department interested in American literature and culture from any time period. The course provides an opportunity for students and faculty with similar interests to engage in discussion and stay abreast of critical research and trends in the field. As a leader of the group, I was responsible for text selection and discussion planning, as well as bringing in guest faculty speakers to discuss areas of professional development such as publication, conferences, and hiring.